Due to its location in the Balearic Islands, a leading region in the nautical sector, TP&E has focused its activity in the field of engineering focused on Marinas, with extensive experience due to the large number of projects carried out:

  • Marina Vela de Barcelona +info
  • Real Club Náutico de Palma +info
  • Marina Moll Vell de Palma +info
  • Marina de Maó in Menorca +info
  • Marina Calanova +info
  • Marina Bonaire +info
  • Mediterranean Dock +info
  • Valencia Mar +info
  • Club Náutico Cala Gamba +info

At TP&E we can offer you from pre-design to the complete project of a marina or simply the optimization or expansion of your facilities:

  • Docks (floating, piloted, semi-piloted, fixed — we offer you the optimal solution)
  • Dry docks (industrial, dinghy, dry dock)
  • Wave protection dykes (vertical, breakwater, mixed, …)
  • Mooring and anchoring systems (buoy fields, ecological, traditional, biconical, fingers, …)
  • Petrol stations, pump out stations
  • Draft maintenance projects
Marina Calanova (Mallorca)
Marina Calanova (Mallorca)
Marina Calanova (Mallorca)
Marina Vela (Barcelona)
Marina Vela (Barcelona)
Real Club Náutico (Palma)
Real Club Náutico (Palma)
Real Club Náutico (Palma)