About us

TP&E was established in March 1992 with the aim of being able to offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service in various fields of marine, civil, industrial and environmental engineering.

The company is made up with technicians from civil, topographic, industrial and environmental engineering, in order to build up this multidisciplinary character that defines us.

Our working philosophy is based on maximum respect for the environment, for which we have created an environmental department responsible to give an adequate response to the social, economic and environmental repercussions, including studies that allow work integration in the environment.

TP&E covers a wide range of activities starting from the initial phase at minimal cost to the client, including a pre-design optimized to their needs, including 3D for better visualization, as well as an analysis of the economic, environmental and administrative viability of the project.

Marina Vela (Barcelona) 3D
Pantalán Mediterráneo (Palma) 3D